Global Entertainment Technology and Global Equity Transactions Two names - One company One purpose - to be the best.
Global Entertainment Technology and Global Equity TransactionsTwo names - One company One purpose - to be the best.

Industry Alliances 

GET will use its Internet Radio station strategy to also create next-generation tech solutions by acquiring and developing various app and gaming development companies - technologies that will become cash flow generators quickly.  Same with live talent development and other possible profit centers.

 Including young companies with promise will be a part of this - inexpensive assets - that aren’t upfront capital intensive and where risks are carefully mitigated.

GET will acquire them as talent acquisitions.  If any of these young companies should fail, their staffs can be repurposed, and their talents used elsewhere in GET.  Technologies will be owned and reused by us. 



We’ve merged Radioactivity, Inc., into GET to gain several consulting services that reach beyond just media in general and radio in specific to a new level of business consultation that has global applications. 

We’re open to have a financial partner in the company but we’re also on target for being a self-funded private company. GET, because of Internet Radio doesn’t have to deal with federal agencies such as the SEC or FCC nor has to be concerned with the future value of terrestrial AM or FM stations.

 GET can be involved in “next revolution” media incubation but also other businesses even if not media-centered. No company can be all things to all people or involved in every kind of business.  We can, however, be involved in transactions and businesses that make sense and be profitable.

Tenet Structured Finance - a strategic paartner with GET for funding projects and ideas around the world.



Global Wireless POD ASEAN Initiative

Global Pharma Initiatives:

"Health and Hope Worldwide"

Turnkey Pharmaceuticals systems & manufacturing anywhere in the world as countermeasures to pandemics & diseases borne calamities.

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